Narcissus is free application developed by Michaƫl Chaize ( Narcissus is available on the Apple Store for iPAD users. It's also available for Desktop users thanks to Adobe AIR.

Link to the desktop version is:

Narcissus analyzes a Twitter account categorizing its followers. It helps Twitter users to understand their followers and identify the influencers of their network.

IF THE APPLICATION DOESN'T WORK: Twitter changed its API last night. I've fixed the bug and I'm waiting for Apple to review my new version. Make sure you install version 1.0.2 on your iPAD or on your Desktop.

Enter the name of a Twitter account in the field at the top of the screen and press OK. Narcissus will start analyzing the followers of this account and sort them following two criteria: Activity and Influence. The more followers a follower has, the more influent he is. Followers with a poor number of followers will stay in the circles on the left of the screen, Followers that are influencers will stay in circles on the right of the screen. Activity depends on the number of tweets produced by a follower. If he tweets a lot, he will be placed in circles on top of the screen, otherwise, if the follower is not very active on tweeter, he will stay in a circle in the lower region of the screen.

You can easily change the thresholds that define what is an influencers, and what is an active follower. To do so click on the "Settings" icon.

You can modifiy the Followers and Status threshold. Click again on the Settings icon to apply these new parameters. It will automatically update your circles. Because of the Twitter API, it can take a lot of time to get and capture information about all your followers. The status of advancement of the analysis is written in the Text Field, next to the twitter account name you're analyzing. In the previous screenshot, 132 followers have been analyzed. All your analyzes are automatically saved. To retrieve a previous search, click on the "LOAD ARCHIVE" button.

It will list all your previous searches. Click on a name to load an account and continue the analysis of its followers.

EXAMPLE of Narcissus analysis:

The circles show you how many followers you have in each category. At the bottom left are the newbies. It means that these followers don't have a lot of followers themselves, and don't tweet a lot. At the top right, you have the Active Influencers. They do have a lot of followers, and they tweet a lot ! If you click on a circle, you'll get the detailed list of all the followers. At the bottom, you'll also get the total number of followers of this category, and the total number of tweets they produced. In this example, if the "Newbies" all retweet my content, they can reach 4146 people. If my Active Influencers all retweet my content, they can reach more than 20.000 people! So maybe I should focus on these influencers if I want to be more vocal on Tweeter.

Narcissus will help you to define a better online communication strategy on Twitter, but it can also analyze the followers of your competitors, and identify their influencers. There are many ways to use Narcissus, just find yours.