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Appliness: digital magazine

9 Comments 28 March 2012

Hi guys! I’ve been working on a new project for several weeks. As my team is now extending its audience and its skills, we were looking for innovative ways to reach web application developers. To address the Flex community, our blogs and our events remain the best ways to deliver our messaging and get your […]

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Flex mobile and music apps

7 Comments 19 January 2012

Flash (and then Flex) has always been the first choice technology for streaming audio content. I had the chance to work on a very cool mobile application for Radio X-Track. In this article, I’ll showcase this mobile app and share with you some tips on developping this type of application. As I was developing the […]

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“Game of Flex” on tablets

38 Comments 07 December 2011

I’m very happy to announce that “Game of Flex” is available for iPad and Android tablets users (it will be soon available for BlackBerry PlayBook users). Last week, we released Flex 4.6 with great additions to build cross-platform tablet applications. “Game of Flex” is a game built with Flex 4.6 and inspired by Tour de […]

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Analytics in your Flex mobile apps

17 Comments 20 October 2011

Analytics is a natural asset of an efficient website. If you don’t collect, measure and analyze your internet data, you cannot maintain and optimize your web applications. Surprisingly, analytics are rarely used for Enterprise applications, and that’s shocking. IT services deliver complex applications, with a lot of screens, tabs and advanced navigation components and they […]

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Flex mobile in the browser

30 Comments 23 August 2011

Since Flex 4.5, you have had the ability to develop and export your projects as Android, iOS and PlayBook mobile applications that behave as native ones. You can also export your Flex mobile project as AIR desktop apps. Just open Flash builder, open your project and choose Project >  Export release build. You can then export […]

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Adaptive UI: mobile vs tablet

28 Comments 24 June 2011

The screen size of a tablet device is much bigger than a smartphone one. It’s very close to a desktop one. If you plan to develop a mobile application and run it on smarphones and tablets, you need to adapt the UI (your views) for several reasons: user experience, performance and usability. Usually, you carry […]

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Pull down to refresh

15 Comments 23 May 2011

[Code updated at the end of the article] I visited a Flex developer last week who’s developing an amazing Flex 4.5 application for tablet devices. We were talking about the classic mobile gestures on lists and the “pull down to refresh” behavior came up in the discussion. If you use the Twitter client on Android […]

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Dynamic UI patterns

14 Comments 11 May 2011

Thanks to Flex 4.5, you can rapidly build and deploy mobile applications on Android. In June, we’ll update both the framework and Flash Builder to deploy your applications on iOS. The ViewNavigator architecture is valid on both platforms: you navigate from a view to another one with nice transitions between them. That said, there are […]

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