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Winners of the mobile challenge

7 Comments 06 September 2011

I launched a contest on the 1st of July in Europe with the support of the European marketing team: the Adobe Mobile Challenge. To participate, you had to build a great AIR application and publish it on the three market places (Android Market, Apple Store and BlackBerry AppWorld) before the 1st of September. I received […]

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The future of Flex

10 Comments 26 August 2011

Andrew Shorten, Product Manager of Flex and Flash Builder, has just published an article on the Flex Team Blog about the future of Flex. If I were to try to summarize it, I’d say that: Adobe is still very committed to investing in Flex and the Flash Platform. One of the main use cases the team will […]

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Flex mobile in the browser

30 Comments 23 August 2011

Since Flex 4.5, you have had the ability to develop and export your projects as Android, iOS and PlayBook mobile applications that behave as native ones. You can also export your Flex mobile project as AIR desktop apps. Just open Flash builder, open your project and choose Project >  Export release build. You can then export […]

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Welcome to Adobe Edge

7 Comments 01 August 2011

This morning, Adobe released a preview of Adobe Edge, the first Adobe tool dedicated to HTML5 and CSS3 animations. As the web standards are evolving to enable interactive animations, Adobe Edge lets you choreograph graphical assets on the screen. Motion designers who are used to After Effects or Flash Pro can create advanced animations in few seconds […]

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Eskimo, skin your mobile apps

9 Comments 24 July 2011

Flex 4.5 is a unique opportunity for application developers to develop one code base and compile it for iOS, Android and the BlackBerry PlayBook. I’ve already posted some tutorials to explain how to dynamically adapt the layout of your app depending on the screen resolutions, how to adapt your app to some UI patterns, or how […]

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Adaptive UI: mobile vs tablet

28 Comments 24 June 2011

The screen size of a tablet device is much bigger than a smartphone one. It’s very close to a desktop one. If you plan to develop a mobile application and run it on smarphones and tablets, you need to adapt the UI (your views) for several reasons: user experience, performance and usability. Usually, you carry […]

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AIR 2.7 and Enterprise apps

4 Comments 15 June 2011

Adobe just released AIR 2.7. I’d just like to walk through the new features of this runtime to highlight the most significant ones for Enterprise projects. Adobe AIR is used by many organizations for internal employees. It can bring some productivity features such as the drag and drop of files from the desktop to the […]

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Preview of Flex on iOS

50 Comments 25 March 2011

Today, Flex developers can deploy very performant applications on Android devices. Soon, they’ll be able to deploy their existing apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Tomorrow (in 2011), they’ll also use the Flex framework to build and deploy iOS applications (for the iPad, the iPhone and the iTouch). The AIR team in conjunction with the Flex […]

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I'm Michaël CHAIZE, Adobe Flash Platform Evangelist based in Paris. I'm a big fan of Rich Internet Applications and I promote the Flash Platform in the Enterprise world.
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