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GradleFx automated builds

No Comments 16 December 2011

I’ve just attended the Flex summit, a great event with 40 members of the Flex community. It was the opportunity to brainstorm about future contributions and it went very well. Some members of the community already posted great articles about what have been said. You can read this remarkable article by Adam Flater, another one by […]

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Flash Player 11, 3D and Aerys

14 Comments 08 September 2011

For the second episode of “The Flash Accent”, I wanted to interview Jean-Marc Le Roux, CEO of Aerys. His company based in Paris is developing Minko, an open-source 3D framework on top of the Stage 3D API (aka. ‘MoleHill’). The Stage3D APIs are a set of low-level GPU-accelerated APIs enabling advanced 3D capabilities across multiple […]

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Eskimo, skin your mobile apps

9 Comments 24 July 2011

Flex 4.5 is a unique opportunity for application developers to develop one code base and compile it for iOS, Android and the BlackBerry PlayBook. I’ve already posted some tutorials to explain how to dynamically adapt the layout of your app depending on the screen resolutions, how to adapt your app to some UI patterns, or how […]

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NeoLoad: load testing for flex

4 Comments 09 August 2010

Interview of Stephane Jammet who promotes NeoLoad, a load testing solution for Flex and AIR applications.

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Interview of GraniteDS founders

1 Comment 11 July 2010

I met Franck and William, the founders and main contributors of GraniteDS.

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