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Flash Player 11, 3D and Aerys

14 Comments 08 September 2011

Flash Player 11, 3D and Aerys

For the second episode of “The Flash Accent”, I wanted to interview Jean-Marc Le Roux, CEO of Aerys. His company based in Paris is developing Minko, an open-source 3D framework on top of the Stage 3D API (aka. ‘MoleHill’). The Stage3D APIs are a set of low-level GPU-accelerated APIs enabling advanced 3D capabilities across multiple screens and devices through the Adobe runtimes. Unveiled one year ago at Adobe MAX, Stage3D is the most exciting new feature of Flash Player 11 which is still in beta (Release Candidate) on By the way, you can download it to test the Aerys samples that are available at the end of this post. I’m not a 3D developer and the Stage3D API is too complex for me that’s why I like Minko. It’s open-source and it’s also expandable. Flash Player 11 and Minko will be released very soon.

Live 3D samples

Aerys has been kind enough to share with us some exclusive live 3D samples using Stage 3D and Minko. Click on the pictures to launch the live samples. Don’t forget to install Flash Player 11 beta available on labs. The first sample is a live 3D representation of the Citroen DS3 car. It’s based on a 3DS model that contains more than 400 objects. The most impressive part of the demo is the lighting (dynamic Phong lightning) and the refection of the environment. This single object represents 300.000 polygons. Be sure to click on the spacebar to move into the car.

3D data visualization


The second sample was a challenge for Aerys, almost a benchmark. Google published a WebGL sample a few months ago called the Google Globe. It represents the world population on a globe. Using Minko, they ported this experiment to Flash. Awesome performance. It also showcases how we could use Stage3D inside Enterprise Flex Applications.

Arty experiment

I was blown away by this sample. It’s very basic: some cubes, some lights, some sounds. But what an experience. It really demonstrates the power of dynamic lights with Minko and the benefits of Minko’s modular architecture. Indeed, Aerys just had to write a jiglibflash extension to get a 3D physic engine inside their framework. Turn up the volume and enjoy. Don’t forget to press Enter to get more cubes on the screen.



More to come…

Stage3D is a game changer for Flash. You’ll see more amazing samples at Adobe MAX 2011. Aerys is also working on a 3D game, and you can see a preview of this game at the end of the “Flash Accent” video. What do you think? Does it rock or what?



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14 Comments so far

  1. Hugo says:

    Simply spectacular :)

    This opens new doors for game development.

    Its only one question in my mind. That could be used in conjunction with the Mobile AIR and the performance will be acceptable ?

  2. mesmo says:

    Nice share, thanks, im really interesting for this technology 3D and Aerys, just a question can i use 3D and Aerys to develop physics application for education example like solar system at website Aerys?

    thanks in advance

  3. admin says:

    @mesmo Sure. Minko will be published at the end of September.

  4. Ringo says:

    Catwalk material :)

  5. northwolf says:

    wow, great performance!
    Thanks for their work for community of Adobe & Flash.

  6. Hello guys,

    thanks for the nice feedback! We just posted the first teaser trailer for “Black Sun”, our incoming 3D web game.


  7. Abrar says:

    Hello Michael,
    Please re-edit the video and change the sentence
    “I am French and I am not sorry about that ” TO
    “I am French and I am proud of that”

    its great think for flash developers…

  8. Martin says:

    it’s possible to use flash 11 in flash prof. CS5 ? or I need to upgrade ?

    and mobile version need fb 4.5 ? or can I upgrade free SDK into my fb 4 ?

    please answer :)

  9. venkatnarayan b says:


  10. mesmo says:

    i have question, what the condition to use minko, is need only flash or also can develop using flex, and about flash what is version he support.



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