Flex Dynamic Questionnaire

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Flex Dynamic Questionnaire

Model-Driven architectures are sometimes the most efficient way to produce dynamic interfaces. Adobe LiveCycle Data Services lets you define advanced representations of your data model directly within Flash Builder, and generates a complete STUB to communicate with your data layer. It can even produce dynamic forms to update your data. That’s probably the most efficient way to create a CRUD Rich Internet Application. Duane explains how it works in this Adobe TV video .

FlexRiver is a French company that develops software based on Flex and JAVA. They just announced a new product named BRiffle Dynamic Questionnaire. It’s very similar to the model-driven approach of LCDS, but this product has been specifically designed to generate questionnaires: surveys, quizzes, sales support, risk assesment wizards… I must say that I was very impressed by the quality of this solution, that’s why I’d like to promote it on this blog.

Three steps are necessary to generate a questionnaire. First, you use an Eclipse plug-in (BRiffle Designer) to draw the question flows. The graphic editor is very advanced. Once the flow designed, the tool will generate a SWC file to encode the questionnaire and guess what the default components should be, such as radio buttons, to answer each question. In the last step, using CSS, you can style your questionnaire and publish it thanks to Flash Builder. In this case, the rules engine is fully on the client side, which means that you could also publish offline questionnaires using Adobe AIR, and synchronize the data with your back-end later on.

I’ve met a lot of customers who needed a rules-engine on the client-side: sales people, contract managers, insurers… Using BRiffle, then can now easily generate and MAINTAIN dynamic questionnaires. FlexRiver developed their own “Tour de Flex”-like application. They published 10 samples generated with their tool. You’ll appreciate the various use cases, the custom formatters and  validators, and finally the rich components they have created to answer questions (using the mouse or the keyboard).

Here is the link to Tour de BRiffle:

And the page with all the tutorials and samples to create your first dynamic questionnaire:

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