My Dream Team(s)

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My Dream Team(s)

I joined the Adobe Platform Evangelism team in May 2010. Recently, we tried to summarize our activities in Europe and I was amazed by the number of events, webinars, videos, technical articles and tutorials produced by the team. Now, it’s time for me to introduce my teammates. Actually, I’m officially on the Enterprise Platform Evangelism team, but I also work a lot with the European Platform Evangelism team… so I’ll present both. It’s also a way to apologize on behalf of my country… because we didn’t demonstrate the best team spirit during the Soccer World Cup. I can tell you that these teams are top performers, and can score at any moment.

The Enterprise Platform Evangelists

His blog:
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Greg is based in Florida and is the manager or the Enterprise Platform Evangelists. He’s a Flex, AIR, ColdFusion and LiveCycle expert. Actually, he use to manage a company acquired by Adobe to develop the workflow engine of LiveCycle… so he knows the Enterprise world very well. He’s a big fan of Jazz, Photography, Planes and online chess. He’s also mister Tour de Flex and mister

His blog:
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When I joined Adobe in 2006, I made my first presentation in front of developers with Christophe. He was presenting LCDS and I was really impressed. It was so alive and interactive, with live coding samples and very simple metaphors. In this picture, he looks like he is performing a Hadouken (Street Fighter fans will pick this one), when he’s actually talking about JMS events consumed by LCDS and broadcasted to Flex clients. Christophe is very inspiring and publishes always first-class samples on his blog, which is in a way unexpected from a Belgium guy (classic French joke… sorry… I had to place this one… Serge, your turn will come later in this post). He’s based in Boston.

His blog:
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James likes open spaces, open doors, open arms, open things… that’s why he’s our open source expert, Java expert, and the only one running Linux on his desktop. He lives in Colorado. He is deeply involved in Java projects, and is very creative with technologies. He also has a strong Enterprise knowledge, and a deep understanding of Enterprise developers… thanks to his open-mindedness I guess.

Her blog:
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Anne is a fresh new member of the team, but works with Adobe technologies for years. She worked as an SAP consultant and that’s why she deserves respect :) She evangelizes SAP developers to promote the benefits of a good User Experience. She also likes photography, and macarons for a few weeks now. She can speak officially fivelanguages, my guess is that she can speak more than 30.

The EMEA Platform Evangelists

His blog:
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Before being a Platform Evangelist, Enrique used to be in Technical Sales like myself. He has worked for Adobe/Macromedia for ages and is very experimented with our all technologies. He was maybe the first promoter of Rich Internet Applications in Europe back in 2004 as he used to work closely with large accounts in the region. Based in Barcelona, he manages the european evangelists during the day. During the night, he’s a DJ at Ibiza (I exaggerate a little bit).

His blog:
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Serge is one of the most talented member of the team, although he’s based in Belgium (okay… here we are… this lovely war between France and Belgium…). He’s definitely the most creative one, and works with Flash for many years. By the way, his creativity may explain the pink background in his profile picture… or not. Serge can play with all the Creative Suite tools, and integrates advanced design assets in our development tools. He’s also a great speaker and won several awards for the “best American accent for a european speaker” (in 2006, 2007 and 2009. He got a cold in 2008).

His blog:
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Mark is what we call “a key player”, a kind of Zinedine Zidane when it comes to the Mobile industry. He directly works with leading OEMs and mobile developers, and used to be an engineer for Adobe working on Flash lite and Flash Cast. As you can guess, he played a key role in 2010 promoting our mobile strategy. His recent application named Radar, is just a revolution for Android devices owners. He lives somewhere on the English coast.

His blog:
Follow his on twitter:!/mcorlan

Mihai is our Flex/PHP expert. The first time I met him in Bucharest, where he lives, he was working on Flex Builder 3 data wizards. I used to be a PHP developer too, that’s why his work inspires me a lot. If you like PHP, then visit his blog and enjoy his technical articles. He also published some great Android apps using AIR 2.5. If you look at his “about me” page on his blog, you can also guess that he knows how to use PhotoShop to add a neat white background to personal pictures (Sorry Mihai, I just discovered this picture. I couldn’t keep it for mysleft, the world needs to know).

His blog:
Follow his on twitter:!/pwalczyszyn

Piotr is located in Warsaw, Poland. At home, he separated the door of his fridge from the food inside and extracted the thermic engine of the fridge to isolate it properly. Why? Because Piotr is our MVC expert. He’s an advanced Flex and AIR developer and recently published a lot of content on the Swiz framework.

His blog:
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Tom is the youngest member of the team, but also one of the most talented. His a pure P2P expert and loves real-time applications, using FMS or LiveCycle. He developed the most advanced tutorials on these topics, and that’s just a start. You’ll discover his amazing talent at Adobe MAX as he actively participated in the new generation of Flash experiences that will be unveiled on stage at the end of the month. Tom lives in one of the most beautiful city of Eastern Europe: Prague.

His blog:
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Mike is almost the youngest member of the team… almost. After having worked with Churchill in the 50’s, he was shocked by his first advanced user experience in the 60’s: color television. At that point, he knew he was made for creating user experiences and was one of the first flash interactive designer in the 90’s (this one is not a joke). He was the leader of the Flash community in London, wrote several books and joined the team this year, which is just awesome!

The Platform Evangelists

I just presented the two teams I have direct interactions with, but of course, we have platform evangelists in the USA, in India, in China… and they are all very talented. You can check this website that summarizes in one page our online activities: And a special thought for the best coworker ever, Holly Schinsky, who created the AIR launchpad and write so much Tour de Flex samples. Check her blog:

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  1. Tannoy says:

    Great team !!!

  2. Mihai Corlan says:

    Hey Michael,

    I will really look for you at MAX 😀
    Can’t wait actually!

    your Photoshop expert,
    Mihai Corlan

  3. Nice article. You’re doing really good work.

    I hope that there will be much better support for Linux in future. It’s really pitty that guys stopped support for Linux version of FB. It just heavily decreased productivity and it also decreased range of potential Flex adopters.

    I hope that there will be much better support for other countries. E.g. It is not possible to install flash player on Czech Windows. And it seems that no one in Adobe cares –

    This is shame, because it’s destroying market and opportunities.

    I know that Europe is far far away from California. But guys, we’re here 😉

  4. admin says:

    Hi Juraj ! Thanks for the nice comment.
    The EMEA voices are getting stronger. I share your disappointment regarding FB and Linux. I hope that solution will come from the community, a partner or even Adobe in a close future. I cross my fingers. I discover the bug for Czech users, let me check with the FP team what’s happening.

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