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AIRworms, the AIR virus

7 Comments 11 October 2010

AIRworms, the AIR virus

Sometimes, you don’t know exactly how to get inspired. Last week, as I was traveling back from a customer event, I started developing an useless but funny AIR 2.0 application for MAC users. First, I’ve been inspired by the Flash experiments of this French expert: Then I started looking for a way to screen capture my desktop and figured out that there’s an executable file “screencapture” installed by default on MAC OS X. Passing the “-x” parameter launches a silent screen capture. The last source of inspiration is the 90’s virus I used to admire and try to code while I was an EPITA student. Here’s a famous one that disturbed some Windows users.

Now it’s time for me to unveil my useless application. This is potentially the first virus ever developed for Adobe AIR :) We can assign it to the “Worms” virus family. Of course, this is just for fun. There’s no risk, this is just launching a visual effect.

Here is the link to the DMG application (as I use the Native Process API, I must package my AIR app as a DMG):

And if you want to check the source… I must apologize, my code is very very messy in this project… and I had to use funny timers to avoid the progress bar and a weird blank screen behavior… But, if you want to see how it works:

AIRworms, adobe AIR application with worms for from michael chaize on Vimeo.

If someone wants to build a Windows version finding a way to silently screen capture the desktop, feel free to download my code and update it. Now, get infected !

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7 Comments so far

  1. Jeremy says:

    bouli mon ami….. !

  2. that final was very funny!, great example , saludos from Bogotá.

  3. admin says:

    @Jeremy is the hero at the end of the video. The one that kicked my back with puppets at the office :)

  4. Tekkila says:

    ahahah! ça bosse dur les gars !! ^^

  5. Mat Levy says:

    ha! very funny… I’d be that pissed if I were him….

    do you reckon this could be used as some sort of screen saver application?

  6. Adnan Doric says:

    Heh, very funny application Michaël !
    Nice one :)


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