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Innovation and Flash

11 Comments 02 June 2010

Innovation and Flash

Kai Koenig invited me to Webinale, the holistic web conference in Berlin. He wanted me to present innovative projects developed with the Adobe Flash Platform. It’s a quite easy task, as I believe that innovation is in the DNA of Flash. I also believe that the strength of Flash is its community of crazy developers, who publish more and more incredible experiments. Here are the slides of my presentation, a video of the projects I’ve showcased, and the links to the public demos.

Innovation and the Adobe Flash Platform

After a short introduction on the benefits of Rich Internet Applications developed with Flex, I started to enumerate some advanced technical projects. One of the primary needs in the RIA industry is “printing”. Rather than use a server-side solution, such as LiveCycle ES2, the community developed a client-side library to generate PDF on the fly. AlivePDF is open source and the Contrast-A AIR application invokes this library to generate PDF files on your desktop.
Then I introduced the “Out of the box” concept. Too many web applications are contained in a box. Basically, we use windows. Thibault Imbert and I developed a prototype two years ago to leverage the Chrome-less features of AIR. You can watch the application, and all my demos, in this video :

Innovation and the Adobe Flash Platform from michael chaize on Vimeo.

Then, the BIG stuff !!!

Motion detection: click here to download my AIR sample and the source code

Augmented Reality et ma boule de feu: AIR app and the source code
Voice gesture recognition:
Intel8080 CPU emulation:
Street Fighter CPU emulation:
Alchemy C++ 2D Engine:
I hope this presentation will open eyes and minds on what Flash really is. It’s not just about running animations or playing videos, it’s also a powerful platform that provides a lot of room for innovation. Flash drives innovation on the web (and has for 15 years), and innovation drives Flash. Thanks Kai for giving me the opportunity to showcase these amazing projects, and thanks to the Berlin Flex User Group ( for the warm welcome.

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11 Comments so far

  1. Jeremy says:

    Excellent post

  2. admin says:

    Thank you monsieur. I appreciate. Bouliiiiiiiiii !

  3. Brett Coffin says:

    Inspiring post 😉

  4. Nathan5.x says:

    Good source of Information on Flash Platform.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable stuffs.

    If possible could you please share that broken Augmented Reality Link ??

  5. switcherdav says:

    Etrange, la vidéo ne s’affiche pas, dans le flahs debug j’ai des erreurs de sécurity sandbox ?!?

    Merci pour le post et longue vie au flash

  6. switcherdav says:

    Finalement après 4 chargements, ça passe ….. étrange

  7. kevin says:

    Awesome video, could you upload it to youtube? would love to share it around, but Vimeo isn’t supported in a lot of forums I visit (youtube is)

  8. bsoft says:

    Merci pour ces démos!
    Ca me manque de plus faire de flex dans mon taf…(et pas souvent le temps sinon) :'(
    Mais je continue de suivre tout ca!


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