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AIR 24H Challenge

1 Comment 18 June 2010

AIR 24H Challenge

A few months ago, Nathalie Jolivot (Flash Platform Marketing Manager for France) and I had a crazy idea to celebrate the new soul of the Adobe Flash Platform in 2010. We proposed to our management the AIR 24H challenge, and they kindly agreed to fund the event. We will gather 15 teams! Each team is composed of a designer and a developer. They must use the Adobe tools of their choice: Flash CS5, Flash Builder, Flex, Flash Catalyst CS5… The challenge starts today, at 3PM (Paris time), and will end 24 hours later. On Saturday then, we should get 15 AIR applications, and  a jury will decide what is the best AIR app, the best technical architecture, and the best design. Then, we will post online the AIR applications so that you’ll be able to install them and vote for your favorite application.


For the occasion, I’ve developed a Flex application connected to LiveCycle Collaboration Service. Basically, LCCS has been designed to enable live collaboration experiences. As I can share a “Video Chat” pod, I’ll be able to broadcast the video and the audio of my webcam during the event, and display the feed on the home page of the website. Since Flash Player 10.1 is available, I’ll leverage the P2P features of the runtime to have an optimized network.

You can read a description of LCCS, an Adobe hosted service, here:

and download the free SDK here:

So to give you an overview of the Flex API, and demonstrate how easy it is to enable a live webcam experience, I’ll share some snippets. First, you need to develop a Flex application that will produce/publish the video stream. To communicate with the LCCS platform, you just need to import the SWC library and declare these tags:

<rtc:AdobeHSAuthenticator id="auth" userName="xxx" password="yyy"/>
<rtc:ConnectSessionContainer id="cSession" roomURL="" authenticator="{auth}" x="10" y="10" width="320" height="240">
<rtc:WebcamPublisher id="webCamPub"  creationComplete="webCamPub_creationCompleteHandler(event)" x="0" y="0" fps="20" quality="90" keyframeInterval="18" resolutionFactor="3" width="320" height="240"/>
<rtc:AudioPublisher id="audioPub" x="0" y="190" useEchoSuppression="false" gain="50" silenceTimeout="2000"/>
<rtc:WebcamSubscriber webcamPublisher="{webCamPub}" x="0" y="0" displayUserBars="true" width="320" height="240"/>
Five tags are necessary to authenticate myself, enable a connection with my LCCS account on, and declare the fact that I'll publish the video stream coming from my webcam and the audio stream as well. The WebcamSubscriber tag is just here to have a live feedback of the webcam. Note some interesting parameters such as the useEchoSuppression (useful for audio chat).
Then, let's add som ActionScript 3 code to launch the communication with LCCS on the creationComplete event fired by the WebcamPublisher tag.
sharedProperty = new SharedProperty();
sharedProperty.isSessionDependent = true ;
sharedProperty.sharedID = "webcamShare2" ;
sharedProperty.connectSession = cSession ;

To develop the player, available on (at 3PM Paris time and for 24 hours), I used Flash Catalyst CS5, Flex 4 and declared these tags:

<rtc:ConnectSessionContainer id="cSession" roomURL="" authenticator="{auth}" x="47" y="38" width="240" height="240">		

<rtc:WebcamSubscriber x="0" y="0" id="webCamSub" displayUserBars="true" width="240" height="240"/>

<rtc:AudioSubscriber id="audioSub" width="100" height="100" x="0" y="0"/>


As you can see, thanks to LiveCycle Collaboration Service and 10 lines of code, I can enable a live webcam video stream on the web. LCCS is a hosted service by Adobe (PaaS). If you register as an Adobe developer, you can use it for free (with a limited bandwidth usage per month).  In my opinion, it’s one of the best online services for Flex developers, and I’m just showcasing a very very small part of the product. Thanks to the SDK, you can integrate a text chat, a whiteboard, share your webcam, use the VoIP functionality (and leverage the new P2P API of Flash Player 10.1). I’ll share more and more samples developed with LCCS on this blog.

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