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5 Comments 21 May 2010

Yesterday, at the Google I/O conference, we announced the Flash Player 10.1 and AIR running on Android 2.2 (codename “FroYo”). You’ve already seen great demos of Flash and AIR running on Nexus One phones over the web, and now, it’s your turn!!! Actually, if you browse the Android Market on your Android 2.2 phone, you can download and install the beta release of Flash. Mark Doherty published a great post where he lists all the new features of the Flash Player 10.1 on Android:

Beside the new Multi-touch and Accelerometer APIs, you should notice the innovative features introduced for smartphones such as the Focused Mode, the Smartzoom, the Smart Rendering (a great one!), the Sleep Mode… and… the big one: Video Hardware Decoding of course.

Hey… it’s not over! We also announced Adobe AIR on Android 2.2. It means that you can deploy native application, and share them publicly on the Android Marketplace ! That’s huge! Furthermore, it’s so easy to package a APK file (Android application). Click here to participate in the prerelease program:

If you’re a Flash CS5 developer, then it’s too easy… Two clicks and you’ve got your AIR application running ready on your Android phone. For Flex developers, there are some tricks, but thanks to Serge, it only takes 4 button clicks to package your Android app:

Icing on the cake, Google announced the revolutionary experience ‘Google TV’ that will include the Flash Player 10.1 !!! We are now officially interactive TV developers ! Isn’t that awesome ? Check this video to see it in action:

Congratulations to the Flash team for this amazing achievement. Still a lot of work to port Flash to the Windows Mobile 7, Blackberries, Palm and Nokia environnements… but this Android release definitely shows the path to success and freedom of choice. Be proud guys! Flash rocks! Yeah!

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  1. admin says:

    Air has been designed for android 2.2(froyo). The performances are reallu good with froyo. You can take any flash application you developed and package it as an apk as a AIR application is basically just a flash file. But you need to install the air runtime. As soon as the air available on the android market, you’ able to post your apps.

  2. Romain.E says:

    Excellent news !
    This is the big news I waiting for since your presentation last monday 😉


  3. Daliz says:

    Thank you for your post.

    Can I ask you some questions?

    1. I’ve packaged some test AIR apps using Flash CS5 and made them run on Motorola Milestone (Droid) with Eclair. The performance is bad. Five rotating rectangles run at a very slow framerate. Is it due to the lack of hardware acceleration in this pre-release?

    2. Will the Flash apps (not AIR) be enabled to be released as APKs?

    3. When will we be enabled to publish AIR apps on the Android market?

    Thanks! :)

  4. Supriya Tenany says:


    While using the packager, I do not find the AIR 2.0 and AIR 2.5 folders, to point to the adt.jar, however, I am able to locate adt.jar in the lib folders of the AIK 2.0 and AIK 2.5 in Flash CS5. Will those references be valid enough? The packager version that I am using is 0.4.2 and it also requires pointing to the JAVA.exe, however, I do not see packaging options for ‘dmg’, instead, I see ‘Package exe’ along with the ‘Package apk’. I am able to create an xml, and a p12 self signed certificate along with the swf for the ‘AIR for Android’ app in CS5, but while building an apk, using the certificate and the xml, I am stuck with an error (Usage Error – Incorrect Arguments) and cannot proceed further.

  5. admin says:

    Hi Supriya, you must use this AIR 2.5 SDK:

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