FB4 contest: the results

8 Comments 26 May 2010

FB4 contest: the results

First, congratulations and thank you for your submissions!!! You had to take the time to install the product, pick-up a new feature, script your demo, record a video, speak in English, and publish your work online… I mean… it’s an effort and thank you for having taken the time to post these amazing videos. I’m just amazed by the quality of your work. Here are the top 10 features of Flash Builder 4 that you have chosen to showcase (by order of submission):


I posted this video to declare open the contest. I showcase the new “Event handler generation” wizard that generates useful code. Events are part of the basic foundation of a Rich Internet Application, and a Flex developers needs to declare and handle a lot of these objects. Here’s how Flash Builder 4 can generate some cool ActionScript 3 code in a click:

2. CREATE SKIN by Simon

Simon is in love with the new Spark architecture of Flex 4. Thanks to Flash Builder 4, you can customize a skin class associated to any Spark component. In this video, he generates a skin class for a button and code a customized skin to display a pretty red button.


Java coders are used to this Eclipse feature. The good news is that Flex coders can now ask Flash Builder 4 to generate the getters and setters for your AS3 variables. The options are also detailed by Jérome.

4. DATA CENTRIC WIZARDS by Victor Muguerza

This is one of the best and most impressive feature of Flash Builder 4. The IDE can now introspect distant services exposed on your application server (written in PHP, Coldfusion, JAVA…) and analyze the methods, the parameters to generate a complete STUB in ActionScript 3. In few seconds, you can now get data from your application server.

5. NETWORK MONITOR by Emmanuel Briand

Before Flash Builder 4, we had to use third party tools to analyze the activity on the network. Now, a network monitor tool is directly embedded in Flash Builder. You can, at the run time, analyze the requests and the answers that are transmitted on the network, between your Flex application and the Back-end.

6. FLASH TO AIR by Joseph Labrecque

First, I need to thank Joseph that has recorded this video for the beauty of the game. I love this guy. He demonstrates how easy it is to convert a classic Flex project that targets the Flash Player in the browser, into a AIR project. Straight forward and useful.

7. UNIT TESTING with FlexUnit by Thomas Talbot

Thomas is a French Flex expert. He was also one of my student at EPITA. Big fan of continuous integration, he showcases the integration of FlexUnit in Flash Builder 4.

8. NEW FLASH CS5 PROJECTS by Lee Fernandes

Brillant demonstration by Lee that explains how Flash Builder 4 can help Flash AS3 coders to leverage the coding experience of the IDE based on Eclipse. Now, Flash experts can use a professional and complete code editor.

(the Embed button bugs on YouTube)

9. CALL HIERARCHY by Dimitri Kara

This feature is awesome and not that famous. The Call Hierarchy view shows a list of functions that call or reference a selected ActionScript function, variable declaration, or MXML property declaration. This feature can help you analyze and estimate the impact of code changes. You’ll enjoy the end of this video :)

10. DATA PAGING by Eckarath

Ekarath highlights the new Data Paging feature of Flash Builder 4. This one is useful when your application deals with large datasets. You may want to use data-paging to load only the data that is displayed in your application (in a datagrid for instance). Great submission with some Java code!!!


As it was impossible to select the best video, I had to place your names in a bag, and use the innocent of a child (8 years old). Joseph, as asked, you’re not in the list. And now, ladies and gentlemen… the winners:

FIRST PRIZE – Dimitri wins a Flash Builder Premium license.
SECOND PRIZE – Victor wins a Flash Builder Standard license.
THIRD PRIZE – Eckarath wins a Flash Builder Standard license.

For the other contributors, I’d like to thank you and also offer something. Let me think of it… I’ll find something that should please you. Thanks to Andrew Shorten, Flash Builer Product Manager, for these prizes.

Flash Builder 4 rocks with Flex 3, Flex 4 and even Flash Projects !!! Let’s upgrade as soon as possible.

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8 Comments so far

  1. Victor Muguerza says:

    Hi Michaël, a very very big thank for the oportunity. It was a pleasure record this video.


  2. Congrats everybody !!

    Michael you should now be able to embed my video.

    Thanks for this contest.

    SImon Elcham

  3. Dimitri Kara says:

    YES! :)
    Thank you so much Michaël! I promise to put the FB4 pro to good use and produce tons of great Flex stuff with it!
    I use FB4 since beta, and I agree that it’s a great step forward for Flex4 and Flex3 development (and even for AS3 only development!).
    Thank you again and congratulations for the great idea of this contest which was a lot of fun…

  4. Eckarath says:

    Thanks Michael for the contest !
    I have a lot of fun to do it …

    It was my really first experience with the brand new Flash Builder.
    It’s a really great tool and a lot of improvement as been done to allow us to be more productive …..

  5. Good job for winner !

    Thanks for this experience !

  6. Flores says:

    good, congs to the winer Dimitri !!


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