EMEA online dev week

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EMEA online dev week

Join European Flash Platform evangelists for a one week journey to build an interactive application from start to finish! This  journey will take you from the initial stages of desigining your application to creating the actual application and connecting it to the services you want to incorporate on the back-end. Learn how to leverage the Adobe Flash Platform technologies, including Flash Builder 4, Flex 4, AIR and Flash Player 10.1 to build a multiscreen application from start to finish.

Use Flash Catalyst CS5 to create user interactions and states based on visual designs from Ilustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5. Leverage Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 to connect to PHP and Java backends. Work with Flash Professional CS5 and Device Central to develop mobile versions that use the latest Flash Player 10.1 device APIs. Create desktop versions in AIR that go beyond the browser. And finally, incorporate social and collaboration capabilities with LiveCycle Collaboration Services and Flash Player 10.1 P2P APIs.

Register now to view the sessions live, and get a chance to win a Flash Builder license in each of the raffles:

Here is the agenda. I’ll cover the session about Flex and JAVA:

June 7th: Erase the Designer to Developer gap, with Serge Jespers

June 7th: Connecting your design to PHP services, with Mihai Corlan

June 8th: Connection a web application to a J2EE backend using FB4 with… myself

June 8th: Working with Flash CS5 components in FB4 with Mike Jones

June 9th: Going multi-user with P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Tom Krcha

June 9th: Developing multi-user applications with LiveCycle Collaboration Services with Tom Krcha

June 10th: Bringing Web Applications to the desktop with AIR 2.0 with Piotr Walczyscyn

June 10th: Code once and run on multiple mobile devices with Mark Doherty

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