LCCS amazing new features

6 Comments 20 April 2010

LCCS amazing new features

LiveCycle Collaboration Service (aka Cocomo) is one of my favorite PaaS. The hosted service lets you develop in-context collaborative applications, such as live chat and video, shared white-board, notes and files. Flex and Flash developers should give a try to this service. The registration is free, and you can even use it for free until a certain amount of data exchanged on the nextwork. Click here to sign-up: It just takes few minutes to download the SDK and develop a first Hello World application. Not convinced yet ? Then look at the new features announced by the team:

Server-to-Server HTTP API: Initially, LCCS would manage the user roles and the nodes for you. If you wish to use own your own HTTP server, and then directly communicate with LCCS, it’s now possible. It can also be used as an application proxy. For instance, you could develop a chat with a profanity filter or an auto-translation library.

Leverage the new Flash Player 10.1 API: Use the new P2P APIs of the player for group data messaging or Audio/Video Multicast. You can configure a node to be P2P and run a chat for instance without passing messages through the LCCS service! Same for Audio and Video broadcasted to large groups of users. LCCS also supports large rooms, named “lobbies” that can support 5000 users.

The team has also added classic chat features such as a Buddy List Presence API, Private streams and Multiple private message recipients. LCCS also leverages the new RTMFP protocol of the Flash Player 10 automatically. You can follow the LCCS team studies and announcements on this blog:

I may setup a webinar on LCCS this summer, with a customer testimony (Yoocasa).

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  1. Dhaya says:

    Regarding the p2p features, i wondered if it is the commercial result of the Stratus project ?

    Does that mean that Stratus is out of beta ?

  2. admin says:

    I don’t think so. My guess is that LCCS is using the same technology, but that Stratus will continue to live as beta until it’s included in a future release of FMS.

  3. Nigel says:

    Hi Dhaya,

    You can consider LCCS to be a commercial version of the same features Stratus offers (plus a bunch of other great stuff for building real-time apps). So, if you want to build commercial apps for Stratus, LCCS should be a good fit.

  4. Evan says:

    Not sure if this is enough to justify spending $40K on a new project.

  5. admin says:

    40k$ ? you must be mistaken. LCCS pricing is based on your usage of the solution. Here is an idea of the pricing:

  6. Parag Shah says:

    I am interested to know if LCCS has a capability of real time update meaning, if I am manipulating an object in publisher window, gets real-time updated in the subscriber window, not at the mouseup event, as it normally does.

    To elaborate more, we are building a shared drawing app. We wish that when we start drawing an object on one window should instantaneously be updated in all other windows with every mouse movement in the publisher window. What may otherwise happen is that people wouldn’t know that others are drawing since the update happens only at the end of the object manipulation. This might create either a chaotic or boring experience.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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